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Accidental Humour
Oct 24, 2019 / Thursday 7:30pm

Accidental Humour Co. is an Edmonton-based theatre group made up of creators from across Alberta. Their newest production, The Flying Detective, is a fantastical and fast-paced theatrical adaptation of the first aerial police pursuit in Canadian history. Filled with incredible video projections, a hilarious cast of characters, and magical stage choreography, this is a true Canadian adventure brought to life.

Travis Dolter
Nov 28, 2019 / Thursday 7:30pm

Travis Dolter is an emerging singer/songwriter who brings high-energy and excitement with him to the stage. He is an entertainer, not just a performer as he engages with the audience through his songs, guitar playing and witty humour, making the entire show a performance to remember. He plays a wide variety of music including Country, Classic and Old Rock, or a combination of them all.

Terry Barber
Jan 09, 2020 / Thursday 7:30pm

Spend a memorable evening listening to the world's favorite melodies, interpreted by internationally acclaimed countertenor, Terry Barber. He has been featured on the world's most storied stages from Carnegie Hall to Moscow's Svetlanov Hall and his voice is heard on every major record label. Terry's extreme vocal range and delicate nuance are enhanced by his witty rapport with the audience.

Tim Tamashiro
Feb 13, 2020 / Thursday 7:30pm

Former CBC Radio host Tim Tamashiro brings a new approach to the stories of swinging Las Vegas with his new show "When You're Smiling". You'll hear the crazy stories and enjoy the songs of the three most talented rascals to ever put on tuxedos. Let your hair down, bring your funnest friends and put on your best grin because when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you.

James Keelaghan & Jez Lowe
Mar 26, 2020 / Thursday 7:30pm

James Keelaghan and Jez Lowe are like twin sons of different mothers. They are respected and celebrated songwriters and performers in their respective countries - James was born in Alberta, Jez in County Durham in the UK. They share a passion for storytelling and love of performance. Their shows have been praised as the finest of their kind, eliciting comparisons to legendary folk duo Makem and Clancy.

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